Monthly and Loyalty Plans

Unlimited Monthly Wash Plans

Visit as often as you'd like with our unlimited monthly carwash plans. 

Plans include:

-Unlimited Exterior only (Good, Better, and Best washes),

-Unlimited Express Wash Special 

- Unlimited Basic Full Service, and

-Unlimited Full Service Supreme.

Visit WashYourWayRVA for current plan pricing, details, and plan upgrade information.

Loyalty Progam

Our loyalty and rewards program is no cost to join and includes:

-$5 off your first Full Service Supreme wash when joining,

-Complimentary Full Service Supreme wash after purchasing 9 washes of any kind,

-Rain check,

-Complimentary Birthday Wash,

-Access to other specials and discounts

Benefits and Specials do not apply to Unlimited Monthly Members.  Visit us for current specials and to sign up.